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It started as a catalog shoot, capturing the upcoming Fall 2014 designs for BEARPAW boots and footwear.. replica watches .

The setting was wine country, particularly the breathtakingly gorgeous vineyards and town square of Sonoma, CA. Tom Romeo, owner of , came out with VP, Sales & Marketing Randy McKinley, and Executive Vice President John Larkin. Sportie LA co-owner Isack Fadlon was on hand, with Marketing Director Justo Diaz of SLAM (Sportie LA Media).

As you can see, there had been awesome new designs, lovely models, and great wine.

But the game-changer that day was the appearance of a British TV news crew, in town to shoot a piece called "Wines Models Drink".

Naturally, noted presenter Simon Rawley-Wells stopped by to interview the BEARPAW models used submariner rolex , but what might have been a brief visit turned into a daylong shoot.

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Simon wanted to get the inside scoop on BEARPAW style watches fake swiss , and his crew followed the group all over town, culminating in a tour of the famed . It was the perfect end to a perfect day, with a wine tasting sponsored by BEARPAW.

We haven't seen Simon's report yet, but we received the following email from him as this article was going to press:

"To my new best friends at BEARPAW,

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Coming from the UK as I do, and being a lifestyle reporter for nearly two decades, I consider myself something of an authority on style, fashion, and corporate culture. watches fake But I can say with total confidence that I knew nothing about anything until I met you lot. You are nuts in the greatest way, and if I may be so bold, I believe you're not just selling boots and footwear (please send some of the lovely Ashland rainboots, we live in London after all!), but starting a movement.

In any event, while my official report will be aired only in the UK, I'll be sending you some behind-the-scenes footage Martin and I think you'll really enjoy. And if you find an opening for me in your organization, I won't disappoint!

Fond regards,


Thanks, Simon, can't wait to see the footage!

no pictures have been found

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